Bamboo Fly Rod


Sometimes fly fishing is not all about the latest and greatest, it's about holding onto the past and enjoying simplicity and craftsmanship.  For those of you that appreciate such things but almost keel over at the price tag associated with that, we bring you our first and coveted bamboo fly rod.  This rod is a hand made,  7 1/2 ft, 3wt, 2 piece rod.  Think small streams, the evening rise, small dry flies and good times with good friends. And yes, this rod counts as a good friend. 

It comes with 2 tips, is a medium action rod with a lovely mid flex and has a unique feel that isn't seen in modern graphite rods.

Some of the features include:

 Nickel Silver Ferrules of the Z Nickel Design

- Hard Chrome Stripper Guide 

- 8 S/S Chrome Plated Snake Guides , Tip Tops and Line Keeper.

- Portugese Flor grade Cork Grip In a Cigar Design.

- The Reel Seat is gold plated of Up Lock Design with an Asiatic Maple Ornate Exotic Wood Insert. The insert is mortised to accommodate the reel foot.

- The Wraps are a Japanese silk thread.

NOTE: The current colour combination for wraps is blue and green to match the colour of the reel seat.  


Pair it with one of our classic 3wt click/pawl fly reels and you'll be the envy of everyone.

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