Bamboo Fly box


For those of you that like to mix traditional and modern for aesthetics and performance, we've brought you the classic bamboo fly box!  

The bamboo is tough, smooth, and hard-wearing.  It looks like a throwback from the past and you'll feel just a little bit special opening up your box of hand-tied dries on that small stream that you've hiked all day to reach.  Not that anyone else will be there to appreciate it, but you'll know. 

It's easy to open and close in all conditions with it's magnetic release, and has enough storage to throw in all your dries and nymphs for that stream you've been dreaming about going back to for the last 6 months.

Slit foam on both sides allows storage of a heap of flies, and the slightly broader than normal profile won't result in your lovely dries getting squashed whenever you close the lid.

This box comes in two different variations:

  • Slit foam on both sides
  • Small profile with slit foam one side, magnetic compartment on other

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