Bamboo 3wt Classic Reel Fly Fishing Combo - Rod, Reel, Backing, Fly Line, Leader, Bamboo fly box


We've put together this great small stream, dry fly fishing combo that will give you that feeling that only old school aesthetics can provide.  We've combined our classic bamboo 3wt rod with our classic 3wt click pawl reel to provide you with the ultimate dry fly experience.  

The rod comes in a rod sock and gorgeous aluminium rod tube, and the reel is spooled and ready to fish.

Components retail individually for $610. Complete package price is $520!


Fly Rod Description:

Sometimes fly fishing is not all about the latest and greatest, it's about holding onto the past and enjoying simplicity and craftsmanship.  For those of you that appreciate such things but almost keel over at the price tag associated with that, we bring you our first and coveted bamboo fly rod.  This rod is a hand made,  7 1/2 ft, 3wt, 2 piece rod.  Think small streams, the evening rise, small dry flies and good times with good friends. And yes, this rod counts as a good friend. 

It comes with 2 tips, is a medium action rod with a lovely mid flex, and is packaged with a rod sock and an equally elegant Aluminum Tube.

Some of the features include:

- Nickel Silver Ferrules of the Z Nickel Design

- Hard Chrome Stripper Guide 

- 8 S/S Chrome Plated Snake Guides , Tip Tops and Line Keeper.

- Portugese Flor grade Cork Grip In a Cigar Design.

- The Reel Seat is gold plated of Up Lock Design with an Asiatic Maple Ornate Exotic Wood Insert. The insert is mortised to accommodate the reel foot.

- The Wraps are a Japanese silk thread.


    Normally retails at $375


    Fly Reel Description:

    A reel for those that like to combine modern performance with the aesthetics of years gone by.  These reels are made from precision machined 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel construction for great strength and corrosion protection, with sealed stainless steel ball bearings and a sealed drag mechanism.  The classic silver and black colours are deeply anodized creating a rich and long lasting finish, and with significant porting are one of the lightest reels in their class.

    Each reel features an exposed palming rim for hand control when fighting fish, even if not required with the precision drag reels.

    Normally retails at $195


    Fly Line Description:

    If you had to have one fly line to get started on, this would be the one.  And for a backup.  And for an experienced fly fisherman...  This is a great all round fly line for your standard cold water conditions such as trout and salmon fishing.  The taper design  gives great loop stability at distance, a profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers great  presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2.

    Normally retails at $25


    Fly Box Description:

    For those of you that like to mix traditional and modern for aesthetics and performance, we've brought you the classic bamboo fly box!  

    The bamboo is tough, smooth, and hard-wearing.  It looks like a throwback from the past and you'll feel just a little bit special opening up your box of hand-tied dries on that small stream that you've hiked all day to reach.  Not that anyone else will be there to appreciate it, but you'll know. 

    It's easy to open and close in all conditions with it's magnetic release, and has enough storage to throw in all your dries and nymphs for that stream you've been dreaming about going back to for the last 6 months.

    Slit foam on both sides allows storage of a heap of flies, and the slightly broader than normal profile won't result in your lovely dries getting squashed whenever you close the lid.

    This box comes in three different variations:

    • Slit foam on both sides
    • Slit foam on one side and magnetic bamboo compartments on other
    • Small profile with slit foam one side, magnetic compartment on other


    Normally retails at $15

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