5wt Fly Fishing Combo - Rod, Reel, Backing, Fly Line, Leader


We've put together this great starter combo that will see you well into your fly fishing life.  We've put our Sky High 5wt 9ft together with a ML 5/7 disc drag fly reel, 30lb fly line backing, a floating fly line, and a tapered leader.


The rod comes in a gorgeous aluminium rod tube, and the reel is spooled and ready to fish.

Components retail individually for over $210. Complete package price is $190!


Fly Rod Description:

The "Sky High" range of rods are fast action, light, tough rods that excel at distance casts in windy conditions, but are accurate and cast well at short distances. They're a great all round rod and are adept at casting dry flies, nymphs, streamers, and are suitable for lighter saltwater fishing.  This is the rod you've dreamed of having maybe three rods into your fly fishing days, only it's priced so you don't have to fish rubbish rods for years! 

Built of incredibly tough, yet light and responsive, high modulus nano silica carbon, using thermoplastic thermoset resins that don't affect responsiveness.  This carbon was originally developed for helicopter blades to be light and resist torsion, which translates to being able to fish these all day and throw unbelievably straight casts.  

This is great for both the experienced caster and beginner alike.  

Features include:

  • Double locking, gold anodized aluminium reel seat over woven graphite,
  • Recoil guides,
  • Titanium frame stripping guides
  • Flor grade cork grips
  • Aluminium or Cordura rod tube. 
  • Optional spare tip

Normally retails at $120


Fly Reel Description:

The ML is the workhorse of our reel range.  It represents quality and functionality at a low price point for a precision machine reel made from bar stock 6061 aluminium.  It features:

- Large carbon/cork sealed disc drag system

- Large arbor

- Quick release spools

- Very light weight


This reel is perfect for the lake or river fisherman, especially when you want multiple setups handy that won't break the bank but are still dependable.

Normally retails at $65


Fly Line Description:

If you had to have one fly line to get started on, this would be the one.  And for a backup.  And for an experienced fly fisherman...  This is a great all round fly line for your standard cold water conditions such as trout and salmon fishing.  The taper design  gives great loop stability at distance, a profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers great  presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2.

Normally retails at $22

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