Here's what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with Twigg & Barry.


First time fly fisherman (anonymous) regarding the Sky High 6wt fly rod:

"My first time fly fishing involved a quick casting lesson in a park with a Twigg & Barry 6wt Sky High fly rod and matching reel and fly line, and within a couple of hours I was getting bites from BC coho salmon off the beach.  The rod was forgiving and powerful, with light weight and good balance.  I'll be back for more!"


Customer that bought a demo model Sky High rod, reel and line combo:

"The rod and combo are a dream. I fished this am in tail water with wind gusts to 20 mph. I cast sz 6 weighted boogers, bead head leach zonkers to sz 20 Griffith gnats.The rod is incredible. I'm 77 years old and have cast them all. I've been fly casting for over 70 years. My lips to Gods ears, this is the most remarkable, finest rod I have used. You guys have a winner. Thanks again. I am delighted."
The happy customer then went on to immediately purchase the same rod in a 5wt (already had the 6wt) and immediately requested the 7wt as well.  We appreciate your business, and are delighted you enjoy it so much!!


Customer that bought a demo model Sky High rod, reel and line combo:

"Loved the combo. Cast beautifully. The reel is incredible. It's lighthess, and what I found practical and unique is the calibration on the drag knob. To be able to numerically pre-set the drag is wonderful. The line is sweet too. I showed it to a couple. of guys on the river. They were greatly impressed also. Especially when they cast the outfit. One of them thought it was a $1400 outfit. You have a real winner. "


Customer that had a day of fishing with Twigg & Barry, using a Sky High 5wt Fly rod, HVC reel and line combo:

"I was fortunate enough to spend a day with one of the Twigg & Barry guys, rafting down a river in British Columbia and learning how to do fly fishing for the first time.  It has always been a dream of mine to fly fish and the experience certainly didn't disappoint.  The guide's knowledge was second to none and he had a great way of explaining things as we went.  Once I picked it up, I was addicted and cant wait to get back out there.  The gear we were using was all Twigg & Barry's products and they were fantastic.  We caught Bull trout and 1 rainbow trout, beautiful fish.  The Steelhead remained uncaught.  Till next time.  Thanks again!"


A repeat customer that has purchased two combos:

"I love them. I've shown them to several friends and have given them your co. name. I hope you get some business from them. Thanks again.  Also, the reels are fantastic. The fly lines are as good as any I have used at any price."


Another happy customer:

"I  cast & fished your 9' 5 weight gold series this week along with 5 other fellow fishermen. we all felt the rod cast & felt very good. I fished with the rod for about 4 hours & caught several trout  on small midge nymph patterns. it is a great rod"


All round happy with a great all round fly rod:

"I had the opportunity to buy a sky high gold rod from Twigg & Barry. 9ft5wt. It is nice, light and casts awesome!! I'm sure you'll sell a lot of these rods. I fish Spring Creek in central PA and fish both nymph and dry. This rod does both very well. People listen!! Don't spend gobs of cash for a "name rod" try the Twiggnbarry sky high gold. You will not be disappointed . Keep the extra cash and match it with a reel you like. Easy enough!!!"