Custom Rods

We make custom fly rods built to exacting standards, using almost any blank and component combination your heart desires.  Our philosophy is build rods on great blanks using minimal, high quality components.  Fancy designs with a lot going on look great, and definitely have a place.  We believe in rods that fish well, and everything added to a rod blank takes away from the action and performance.  Our typical builds use the minimum wraps of threads required for a strong build, minimal varnish applied for durability a better action, and minimalistic runners where possible of the highest quality for less loss of the blank's action.  

Email us at and either tell us exactly what you want made, or what you're looking for in a rod at a particular price range, and we can come up with a solution for you.  We build not only on Twigg & Barry blanks and components but all commercial blanks and components available.  


A recent build from Twigg & Barry: