About Us

Newly founded in 2013 but not new to fly fishing, Twigg & Barry is about making fly fishing accessible.  Taking the big jigsaw puzzle that is fly fishing and putting enough pieces together so you can complete it yourself.  Giving you enough information to make an informed choices about products, fisheries, flies, techniques, and timing. 

First and foremost, we’ve tried to solve the puzzle of gear.  We have put together some package deals of great fly fishing setups including rod, reel and line, that won’t break the bank and offer quality equipment at the same time.  These packages will give you something specific enough to target the main fisheries, while general enough as to be able to cross over into other fisheries.  Great bang for your buck, and combos that you know you can fish well as a beginner, but will be perfect as backup or frontline setups for the experienced fly fisher.

Secondly we aim to give you information we’ve learnt the hard way, and distill that information into one place.  There are a lot of amazing shops, people, websites, books, and videos out there, but knowing how they all fit together to help you get out there and catch fish can be frustrating at best.  Through a series of articles and videos on our blog, we’ll bring the knowledge to you, including where to find more information, as knowing where to look for more is just as important.

Finally, we hope to keep this fun and light-hearted.  Sometimes the fishing community can get a bit caught up in being serious and profound, but no matter who you are, this is about having fun and enjoying what you're doing.  So Laugh!  Don't take yourself too seriously, and enjoy each stage of your fly fishing progression.  Let your Twigg guide you!