V-Range Fly Rods


The "V Rods" range of rods augment our hugely popular range of Sky High rods to fill some niches.  This lineup uses the same carbon found on the incredible Sky High rods, but offers a number of specialist rods including two-handed rods, specialist nymph rod, and a saltwater rod.  

The linup:

  • 10' 3wt nymph (4 piece)
  • 12' 5/6wt spey (4 piece)
  • 13' 8/9wt spey (4 piece)
  • 9' 10wt single hand, split grip (4 piece)


10' 3wt nymph (4 piece)

Starting at the lightest rod, we have a 10ft 3wt nymph rod.  Don't be fooled, this rod is an incredibly versatile nymph rod.  At home with Czec nymphing, it also excels at throwing indicator rigs either in streams or on lakes. Rated as a 3 wt, it fishes like a 4/5 weight and it's extra length makes your nymph fishing that much easier. Better mends, better at fishing those long leader chironomid rigs under indicators.  If you want a great all-round nymph rod for a variety of conditions, this is the one!

12' 5/6wt spey (4 piece), 13' 8/9wt spey (4 piece)

Moving up, we have a couple of two-handed rods.  The 5/6 "switch" rod is a bit of misnomer.  Yes, you can cast it as a single hand rod, and it has interchangeable butt pieces to facilitate this, but it's a light spey rod.  This represents an incredible rod for swinging flies for trout in medium rivers.  At 12ft, it's just the right length.  At 5/6 weight you could use it as a summer steelhead rod, or for late season browns, bulltrout and rainbows.  The 13' 8/9 is a true versatile spey rod, and one we're very excited to bring you.  It is the one spey rod you need when fishing the pacific northwest for steelhead and salmon.  Bombs out those heavy sink tips and dumbell eye intruder flies without even blinking.  If a rod could blink.  Pair it with our Skagit line and one of our classic fly reels and you have the perfect outfit both functionally and aesthetically! 

9' 10wt single hand, split grip (4 piece)

Many of you have asked for it, and to be frank, we wanted it.  Yes, we move into specialist saltwater fly rods.  Our first in that lineup is the 10wt split grip.  For everything but bonefish, this is the rod you want in the salt.  A fast action, 9ft rod that punches flies into the wind and then gives it to the fish once hooked up.  This is a fantastic rod for permit, snook, small-medium tarpon, jacks, barracuda, tuna and anything else you feel like dredging up.  


All rods are built of incredibly tough, yet light and responsive, high modulus nano silica carbon, using thermoplastic thermoset resins that don't affect responsiveness.  This carbon was originally developed for helicopter blades to be light and resist torsion, which translates to being able to fish these all day and throw unbelievably straight casts.  

This is great for both the experienced caster and beginner alike.  

Features include:

  • Double locking, black anodized aluminium reel seat.  The 10wt features a woven graphite seat.
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Titanium frame stripping guides
  • AAA grade cork grips
  • Cordura rod tube with strap and name badge wallet. 


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