Sky High Gold! April 22 2014, 1 Comment

We were out on the river again, this time testing out the new Sky High Gold 5wt rod.  We put it to the test casting fry patterns to large Bulltrout, Rainbows and cutthroat. Even in heavy wind, rain and fast water, it held up brilliantly.  We also tried our hand at some nymphing and it handled a long indicator rig and heavy nymph with ease and produced a couple of nice fish as well.  Very impressed!





We'll be putting together a feature on a suitable setup for lake fishing in a coming blog post, and this rod is sure to feature.  Stay tuned!

Next Season? December 21 2013, 0 Comments

Anyone cold?  The salmon are done.  Rivers are low, clear and in some cases, slushy.  Christmas is here.  Time to spend a few minutes, or hours, thinking about the next season.  Sure, winter steelhead will be up soon, but with snow in many parts of North America, I'd prefer to think about something a little warmer.  For me, it's getting ready for lake season.  We've been experimenting with some different patterns and tying up some go to patterns.  Check out our Youtube channel for some tying of go to lake patterns.  


The zebra midge (in different colours), chromie and simi-seal leech make up about 80% of what we fish on lakes.  Watch the videos and see how easy these patterns are to tie, then fish them and see how effective they are!

From everyone at Twigg & Barry, wishing you all the best for the festive season.