Steelheading Gear Talk Part 2 - Fly Storage March 28 2014, 0 Comments

Steelheading can definitely be done walking the river when fly fishing.  But to get the most out of a trip, try to do a float down a river, or if you’re able to, a jetboat trip.  You’ll cover a lot more water and thus increase your chances of finding where the fish stack up.

When fishing on a boat, you have the luxury of larger equipment.  More food and drink, photography equipment, change of clothes, lights, and most importantly, room for flies.  A large fly box is by no means needed, but it doesn’t hurt either.  How many times have you decided to take just one small box, get to the river and decide the flies you really wanted were in another box?  Get a big box, stock it for all scenarios, and take it every time.  Sorted.


Different fly boxes work, and will depend on personal preference.  We like the guides choice fly box.  It’s big, it’s really tough, is waterproof and floats, and you can see your flies through the clear lid.  Perfect for a float trip.  Try one and enjoy your day on the water!