Tie your own custom flies November 20 2013, 1 Comment

Going to your local store and buying some flies is great.  You get the chance to talk to people in the know, you get their take on which flies will work for the current conditions and how to fish them, and you have confidence in those flies.  I would recommend this as a must before going fishing, especially if you're not able to get out fishing all the time.

But when fishing starts to get tougher, a change can be in order.  You've gone in to your local shop and bought some flies, and so has everyone else.  Fish can get wary of seeing the same flies, especially those fish that have been recently caught on those flies, and often something different is just the ticket.

We've been tying up a few flies to throw at the local Coho Salmon and Bull Trout, and after some trial and error, came up with a few flies  that have worked better than any store bought flies for us.  Not because they're necessarily better, but because they're different.  




So go ahead and tie up some of your own.  Make some tweaks to other flies, change up the size, colour, materials.  Or try to come up with something completely different.  It's fun and can be immensely rewarding!